Trump wants to spend billions to fund a border wall, deploy a mass deportation machine and build new dentition centers, while cutting funding for medical research, clean water and natural disasters.

If Trump gets his way he’ll be able to unleash a supersized ICE on already terrorized immigrant communities and waste our tax dollars on a vanity wall that will do nothing to make our country safer.

We can’t let this happen.

Fill out the form to call your senator and demand they stand up for immigrant families and not allow one cent to fund a border wall or a deportation machine.


1. Enter your phone number, state, and zip code in the form on this page and click “Call me!”

2. You’ll hear a message from us and then we’ll connect you to your U.S. Senator’s office.

3. Using the call script below, tell the staff member who answers that you stand with immigrant families and expect your U.S. Senator to not allow one cent to fund Trump’s mass deportation machine.

4. That’s all you need to say, though if you have a personal story you think could impact the Senator’s decision, please share that too.

Hi, my name is ____________and I live in _____________.

I'm calling to ask my Senator to stand up for immigrant families and not allow one cent to fund a border wall or a mass deportation machine.

There are much better uses for these funds.

Essential programs should not be cut to fund the terrorizing of immigrants with families and ties to the United States.

I'm counting on my Senator to do the right thing and stand up for all immigrants.

My Senator needs to demand that not one cent go to Trump’s mass deportation machine.

Thank you for your time.


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