When we read that many Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis are supporting presidential candidate Donald Trump, we weren’t exactly surprised… but we were certainly disappointed with the lack of political figures and news mediums NOT condemning Trump’s racist and radical rhetoric against Latinos and immigrant families.

The fact is Trump isn’t the first to use derogatory name-calling to refer to Latinos and immigrants in this country. He certainly won’t be the last – not unless we’re able to rectify the conversation and recognize that every American must unite against racism.

Racism in America is shameful, and unfortunately, very much alive. We cannot ignore the human costs of racial profiling, discrimination and police brutality.

Our leaders must not only recognize that Black lives matter, but also that people of color face systemic, deep rooted discrimination in almost every aspect of their lives.

Join iAmerica Action as we make sure that our leaders and future president are part of the solution and not the source of xenophobia.