Outdated, irresponsible immigration policies must change. The time is now.

Immigration policies are broken in America. The current system is not consistent with the American values of pragmatism, fairness, and inclusion – values that have made America strong.

Immigrant families work hard, pay taxes, sacrifice for their families and communities, and believe in the American Dream. We must work together to fix our broken immigration system to give ALL American immigrants the chance to fulfill that dream… for their families and our nation.

We can build the path to citizenship, help families remain the country they call home, through the power of our voices and VOTE. With our voices, we can raise the pressure on our leaders. With our vote,  we can elect ONLY those candidates who will pass real comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

True immigration reform will ensure that immigrant families have the opportunity to become full participants in our nation’s democracy. Together, we can get there.


DAPA: Keeping Families Strong

Hardworking immigrant parents should be afforded the opportunity to find legal work and hold jobs that allow them to provide for their children.

The Deferred Action for Parents (DAPA) initiative is a pillar of President Obama’s plan for immigration reform, and has the potential to change the lives of up to 4.1 million people. But thanks to a Republican-crafted lawsuit, DAPA is blocked.

If DAPA were in effect today, the undocumented parents of United States citizens or Legal Permanent Residents (“green card” holders) would be able to register with the government and get work authorization for 3 three years.

Take action now to ensure all immigrant parents can continue to support their children safely, legally, and without fear of deportations. Show your support for DAPA and make sure Republicans don’t win the fight against immigrant families.


Keeping the DREAM alive: DACA+

The parents of children who came to the United States brought them here filled with hope and, seeking a brighter future for their families. They came with the values of hard work, determination and gratitude. It’s those values that ignited the DREAMer movement, joining many of their parents in coming out of the shadows.

Thanks to President Obama’s new administrative action on immigration, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has been expanded.

Under the expanded program, new DACA-eligible immigrants will be able to qualify if they entered before January 1, 2010 regardless of their age. More DREAMers and young people will be eligible for DACA. Plus, the period of DACA and work authorization is extended from 2 years to now 3 years.

Unfortunately, this great initiative has also been blocked by a Republican-crafted lawsuit.

Learn more about expanded DACA and find out what you can do to ensure it’s here to stay.