Rise Up! May 1st

On May 1, International Workers' Day, people across the country will participate in peaceful and lawful marches, rallies, and town halls that resist Trump’s mass deportation force and oppose the current administration’s scapegoating of immigrant and refugee communities. Join us for a National Day of Action to demonstrate the power, resilience and strength of immigrant, refugee, and communities of color in America.

RISE UP! For immigrant justice, refugees, racial justice, Muslims and for all working families. Check back often, as new events are being added daily.



#ResistRiseUp on May 1! And encourage others to join the resistance. Download these free graphics, post to your social accounts and urge your friends to share too! Tap on a graphic and save image from your phone, or click and download from your computer.














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Print these posters and bring them with you to a march and rally. Hold them up high!